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Acronyms in Special Education

Making Sense of Alphabet Soup
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ABA Applied Behavior Analysis

APS Approved Private School

AT/AAC Assistive Technology/Augmented Communication

BCBA Board Certified Behavior Analyst

BIP/PSP/PBSP Behavior Improvement Plan/Positive Support Plan

BASC Behavior Assessment System for Children

CBI Community Based Instruction

DIBELS Dynamic Indicator of Basic Early Literacy Skills, an early reading assessment.

ED Emotionally Disturbed

ER Evaluation Report. Your child only ever receives one ER report. Everything after the first one is an RR.

ESY Extended School Year

FAPE Free and Appropriate Education

FBA Functional Behavior Assessment

IEE Independent Education Evaluation

LEA Local Education Agency

LRE Least Restrictive Environment

MA Medical Assistance, Medicaid

OCR Office of Civil Rights

CLOP Current Levels of Performance

PT Physical Therapy/Therapist (work on gross motor skills)

PTE Permission to Evaluate

PWN Prior Written Notice

O & M Orientation and Mobility

RR Re-evaluation Report, for most every 3 years.

SD School District

SDI Specially Designed Instruction

SLD Specific Learning Disability

SLP Speech Language Pathologist

TVI Teacher of the Visually Impaired

OT Occupational Therapy/Therapist (fine motor skills)

ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder (one of the disability classifications on an IEP)

ED Emotionally Disturbed (one of the disability classifications on an IEP)

ELL/ESL English Language Learner/Second Language

EI Early Intervention

IFSP Individual Family Service Plan

OHI Other Health Impaired (one of the disability classifications on an IEPADHD falls under this

RTI Response to Intervention  RTI is NOT special education

FERPA Federal Education Records Privacy Act

HH Hard of Hearing

IEP Individualized Education Plan

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